The Options You Can Enjoy with Cappuccino

The Options You Can Enjoy with Cappuccino

This drink is as famous as espresso. Both gourmet and refined, it alone represents all the knowledge of a good barista, while making the greediest completely addicted. With its creamy milk froth and the precious nectar that hides underneath, the cappuccino is the perfect gourmet break for coffee lovers. Although his recipe requires only a few ingredients, it still requires a certain level of skill to obtain a real cappuccino, especially for the milk froth, in line with the Italian tradition.

What Defines A Real Cappuccino?

First of all, it must be prepared from a good Cappuccino. The caliber of the grind, the pressure that the machine produces and the time, the right amount of coffee must be scrupulously respected to obtain the best results.

You must then be able to prepare a nice creamy milk froth using the steam nozzle of the espresso machine. The latter must reach a temperature of around 55°C so as not to cook the milk. It should be dense and made from whole milk. Thus, its outfit will be more consistent.

Of course, as with all cooking recipes, the freshness of the ingredients is a particularly important point for an optimal result. We therefore try to use fresh milk and grind its grains just before preparing the necessary espresso.

The addition of sugar is left to each person’s discretion, although the original recipe includes some. Likewise for cocoa powder on the surface, it is possible to add some for an even more gourmet and aesthetic result.

Cappuccino Recipe Step By Step

Start by preparing a good full-bodied espresso. As for its concentration, you are free to choose the dose. Take into account the type of coffee and its vintage for a balanced result.

Then pour it into the large mug. Bring the milk that it is recommended to put in a stainless steel carafe large enough not to cause splashing.

Using the steam nozzle of your espresso machine, make a dense milk froth and as creamy as possible. Avoid exposure to heat for too long, otherwise the taste and organoleptic properties of the milk will be degraded. Once the foam is obtained, carefully add it to the coffee. To perfect the aesthetics of your cup, you can sprinkle it with cocoa powder. You will be able to obtain a particular design thanks to the chocolate and its drawings.

Which Coffee to Use for the Preparation of A Good Cappuccino?

Although in Italy espresso is often synonymous with robusta, the use of a good arabica gives more finesse and lightness to the preparation. Another important point, keep in mind that Italian roasting gives very “toasted” coffees which often turn out to be more bitter than what we are used to drinking in France. The easiest way is to form your own opinion by changing the coffee, while respecting the original method of preparation. In this way, you will find the taste balance that suits you best.

For a gourmet moment, cappuccino is the perfect drink. Some appreciate it both hot and cold, but it must be recognized that the smell that emerges from a very hot cup is enough to melt all coffee lovers. There are ready-to-use instant preparations, which are often of excellent quality. However, enjoying the pleasure of a real Italian-style cappuccino is priceless.

John B. Tyner

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