Healthy Snack Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Healthy Snack Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

The best snacks are the ones that will maintain your diet. There’s a lot of debate about what is “healthy” and how much you can eat, but there should always be an option for those who need extra fat or carbs! And cravings can be tough to handle too, but there are plenty of healthy snacks out there that will satisfy your hunger and provide other benefits. 

Here we’ll share our favorite low-calorie recipes with tasty ideas so all diets will fit together perfectly – even if they’re strict paleo competitors like myself (I’m not judging). We rounded up five delicious items, so you don’t have any excuse for not eating well!

Trail Mix

Trail Mix is the perfect fuel for any adventure! Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are all you need to keep your energy level high while also providing tons of nutrients. Let’s not forget that nuts have been shown as being heart healthy too, so this snack will help maintain both mind AND body with each bite (hello!). What makes it even better? This Nutsola-approved superfood mix  includes no artificial colors or flavors–Date Sweetened, Gluten Free, Plant Based, No Processed or Refined Sugars.


They are always a good choice for healthy snacking, as they’re high in fiber and protein. They also provide you with some fat; however, the type varies from nut to nut depending on their flavor profile (cacao almonds have more than pistachios, and hazelnuts are high in folate, which helps your cells grow). If your goal is weight loss, we recommend eating nuts because studies show people who eat them tend to be less hungry between meals while still enjoying themselves throughout the day vs. someone without any snacks! To make sure this works for you, try going raw instead of cooked.


Watermelon is a refreshing summertime treat, but it can be enjoyed year-round. It’s low in calories and rich in 92{42286f2b8be994809d8c985afc752581d6398f3a42443a8e7de8aabf4563d6c5} water to keep you hydrated all day long! The pink color isn’t just for show either – that beautiful hue comes from the antioxidant lycopene, which has been said to help prevent diabetes or cancer, according to Web MD.

In addition, not only does this delicious fruit taste good on those hot days when there are no clouds out, but they’re also packed full of vitamin A&E, making them super healthy.

Granola Bars

Instead of grabbing that sugar-filled snack, satisfy your craving with healthy granola bars. These snacks are packed full of delicious ingredients like peanut butter and rolled oats; they also come in different flavors, so you can find one suitable for whatever taste buds you have! Whether it be chocolate-covered almond joys (our favorite)  or strawberries & cream–these yummy treats will not only fill up on protein but give back too by filling out any nutritional needs we may have had while away from home during our day’s adventures.

Apples with Peanut Butter

Have you heard the good news about apples? They’re not just healthy but also a great source of fiber and can help your immune system. But did you know that chewing on an apple will make eating it more enjoyable–and give us longer-lasting pleasure! Who wouldn’t want that extra satisfaction in their life?! So next time something tasty comes along, remember this: leave the skin behind and add some Peanut Butter. It will keep giving back all those nutrients plus some protein, which means staying full much longer.

How important is eating the “right” foods in achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

It may seem like common sense, but what you eat can have a significant impact on your health. The “right” foods are those that provide nutrients and promote good bodily function for an overall healthy lifestyle!

Maintaining or achieving any type of desired goal often means taking care both inside AND out: from eating correctly every day (or sometimes even just one meal per day) all the way down to drinking water instead of juice at work—it’s important stuff here so don’t forget how vital they actually could be).

What about NUTSÓLA separates itself from other products in regards to nutrition?

The ingredients of NUTSÓLA! It’s great for kids. There are no added preservatives or dye. It’s really simple and convenient! You can use things like granola, snack out of the bag, blend in shakes, and more! I even use your products to teach my clients how to read nutrition labels. (7 Healthy Ways to Use NUTSÓLA)


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