The Gourmet Cowboy Attacks Your Hunger

The Gourmet Cowboy Attacks Your Hunger

Connoisseur Cowboy would appear to be a paradoxical expression, that is until you investigate “The Gourmet Cowboy” by Bob Kinford. However at that point maybe he is a paradoxical expression himself. Kinford has been a cowpoke’s rancher for the greater part of his 55 years. Until meeting his better half Catie, eight years prior, he has burned through the vast majority of his grown-up life chipping away at remote farms, dealing with dairy cattle and preparing ponies.

Kinford’s freshest book, The Gourmet (Cowboy style connoisseur Cuisine) is an assortment of more than 90 plans he has cooked on farms across the west. Living miles from the closest cleared street, he didn’t have the accommodation of halting by a café following twelve hours in the seat so he needed to cook for himself. His plans are basic enough for another lady of the hour, yet have a connoisseur pizazz which would be the jealousy of any cooking show star. One incredible model is Smokey Shrimp Bisque:

20 Med shrimp

10 cloves garlic

1/2 C finely ground Muenster Cheese

1 pt cream

6 cherry tomatoes

3 green onions

2T olive oil

1 t Fresh finely cleaved basil

1t new, finely cleaved Rosemary

Clean and strip shrimp. Strip garlic. Barbecue garlic and shrimp for 3 minutes (ideally over charcoal,

not gas). Cut cherry tomatoes into fourths. Cleave green onion into inch long pieces. Sauté’ tomatoes, onion, Basil and Rosemary in olive oil over medium hotness for three minutes, mixing every so often.

Add cream and gradually mix in cheddar. Raise hotness to medium high. When cream starts to bubble, diminish to a stew, blending at times until cream starts to thicken. Add shrimp and garlic. Stew

for 2 minutes.

Phillip C. Colunga

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