Some of the Best Caviar that is Available around the World

Some of the Best Caviar that is Available around the World

One of the things that you should know about caviar is that it is very costly. Sturgeon are wide animals with a lifespan that is long and it takes years and even decades for them to mature and lay eggs. The phase of processing is drawn out, and the roe should be harvested and washed and sieved after which it is salted and packed. Caviar is traditionally made from the roe of the Caspian Sturgeon – a type of fish- mostly the huge Beluga. These fishes are critically endangered. Caviar is a term that is used for preserved and salted eggs from fish farming. One of the things that you should know is that good quality caviar is said to come from the fish raised and caught in the coldest waters i.e., from late fall to early spring.

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Sevruga and Osetra – 

Some of the 3 big Sturgeon varieties that you will get in the market are traditional Caspian types – i.e., Sevruga, Osetra, and Beluga. Apart from that, there are sustainable caviar producers too who strive to copy the same. Sevruga is one of the smallest and the most plentiful of the species that weigh between 50 to 75 pounds. They are 3 ft long and mature in 7 years and they produce small, gray, finely flavored, creamy eggs. Osetra is the 2nd largest sturgeon and it weighs about 150 to 300 pounds. It grows 4 to 6 ft long. It matures between 12 to 15 years and they produce medium size gray-brown to golden and piquant eggs. Out of 100 fishes, one will lay large, dark golden eggs which are expensive Osetra. To know more switch to .

Beluga – 

Belugas are the rarest and the largest species they can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and grow 12 feet long and they live for up to 50 years. Beluga eggs are not available in the US, though some farms have created hybrid beluga breeds so that they can get the breeds’ coveted large, gray eggs. These eggs have very subtle skin and pure flavor. Another thing you should know is that Beluga imports are banned, besides that Sevruga is very hard to come. Osetra is one of the most common ones that is seen. Also, you should know that there are several more types of caviar that you will see and eat in the US. You can also shop at .

Affordable Caviar – 

Then, you also get Siberian which is small fish, approximately 150 pounds sturgeon which tends to get matured early. It means that they produce a lot of eggs and fish. It becomes a perfect choice for aquaculture. One of the most affordable types of caviar is the Serbian ones which are small, glossy, dark, eggs having softer beads and carrying strong flavors of the sea.

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